Temple of Pharasma

Ravengro’s only religious structure is also the town’s most elaborate building. Its eastern facade displays an intricate stained-glass mural depicting a stern Pharasma judging past unpopular rulers of this part of Ustalav. The windows inside the temple reveal Pharasma ushering new souls into babies’ bodies, or pulling souls out of skeletal undead, as well as numerous signs of her holy symbol, a spiral.

Father Grimburrow is in charge, with half a dozen acolytes maintaining the temple and the Restlands. The acolytes also sell minor magic items.

potions of cure light wounds, 50gp
potions of lesser restoration, 300gp
holy water, 25gp

At a Trust of 8+, Grimburrow also offers the following for sale from the vault.

incense of meditation, 2450gp (maximises all divine spells)
+1 silver morningstar, 1080gp, 1d8, x2
wand of cure moderate wounds, 1750gp, 20 charges

Temple of Pharasma

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